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Medeski Martin and Wood 'Radiolarians 1'


Medeski Martin & Wood have embarked on an ingenious new experiment dubbed The Radiolarian Series.

In February, Medeski Martin & Wood began their Viva La Evolution Tour—a three run, three record project. In direct contrast to they way things are usually done MMW decided to spend 2008 composing the skeleton of new music, taking it on the road to flesh out the composition, and finally putting the by now well played notes down as tracks. Three times. Radiolarians 1 is the first in this 3 inventive new record series.

The Radiolarian Series is named after radiolarians – a type of single-celled organisms whose dazzlingly intricate mineral exoskeletons were documented in a stunning series of plates by German biologist Ernst Haeckel. By inverting the industry standard and developing their material in front of an audience before entering the studio, they are giving their fans a revealing look at the way their material evolves – in a sense, putting the skeleton on the outside. The studio recordings will be cut in bare-bones fashion, designed to capture the feeling of the band’s live sets. David Kent, who does live sound for Medeski Martin & Wood, will also engineer the studio sessions, insuring the continuity of the concept.

DL: Medeski Martin & Wood - Let's Go Everywhere


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