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Death Cab for Cutie 'Something About Airplanes' (Deluxe Edition)


Death Cab for Cutie’s classic 1998 debut album, Something About Airplanes, limited deluxe 10-year anniversary CD edition includes a bonus disc featuring a recently-unearthed recording of the band’s first-ever Seattle show, a February 1998 set at the legendary venue The Crocodile Café. It also includes beautifully redesigned artwork, including extensive liner notes by noted musician and writer Sean Nelson (whose band Harvey Danger was the headliner of the bonus disc show, and who sings lead vocals on the DCFC set’s never-before-heard cover of The Smiths’ “Sweet and Tender Hooligan”).

Death Cab for Cutie originally formed in Bellingham, WA, in 1997 with their cassette-only Elsinor Records release. Something About Airplanes was the first album recorded by the full band, following the addition of Nick Harmer (bass) and Nathan Good (drums).

DL: Death Cab for Cutie - Champagne From a Paper Cup


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