June 19, 2007

Introducing: "Bossa Records"

We've been getting great feedback to the music we're listening to while we're sitting here coding and designing away on our Bossa platform. So, instead of just listing album artwork on the right side of our blog, we made a little music recommendation site with the help of Amazon. They call it aStore.......but we call it Bossa Records. It gives us a great resource to showcase what we like to listen to and write a little bit about the music as well. Not only that, we're now even buying more music since the store does a pretty good job of recommending new music too!

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Bossa Records

May 08, 2006

PowerSquid Power Strip


Finally the design age has reached the ubiquitous power strip. The Power Sentry PowerSquid power multiplier easily and conveniently multiplies outlets with more flexibility than a standard strip by converting 1 grounded outlet to 6 grounded adapter-ready outlets. It looks a lot like a squid and has six tentacles, each with an outlet on its end, allowing the PowerSquid to accommodate AC adapters without wasting outlets.

* Master on-off lighted switch with a 15-amp circuit breaker
* 4 foot power cord
* 6 flexible receptacle cords in lengths of 6, 8 and 10 inches
* Available in a variety of colors

Four models will be available in June. Price $49.95 - $79.95

Airstream Base Camp


Airstream has partnered with Nissan Design America to produce the BaseCamp, a trailer for the ringtone and iPod generation

This stylish trailer, designed to be both low cost and flexible is also envisioned as a travel vehicle that's a springboard for outdoor adventures rather than a living room on wheels.

The BaseCamp pays homage to Airstream’s past, taking styling and content cues from the original “Torpedo” concept developed in the 1930’s. The attached tent extension, engineered by outdoor products giant Kelty, provides a lightweight way to double the available living space. Coming in around 2,000 lb and ultra-lightweigt, the Airstream BaseCamp can be towed by most conventional passanger cars.

The BaseCamp comes equiped with aggressive styled 20” wheels, wrap-around windows, low profile stance, and Airstream’s trademark aluminum skin. All these features give BaseCamp a look like nothing else on the street.

Release date is set for July and MSRP is expected to remain under $20,000. Plan your get-away now.

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