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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet


I just came across the slick new Nokia 770. This device is meant to be a home Internet appliance and it's not what you would expect from Nokai......it’s not a phone!

That's right; the 770 has no mobile phone inside. Instead it relies on its Bluetooth v1.2 and WiFi (802.11b) support to connect to the Internet either through your home WiFi router or via your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone. Nokia envisions the 770 as an inexpensive (about US$350) and convenient replacement for the 2nd or 3rd PC a family might have at home. The mobile phone industry calls it “the third screen,” a smaller successor to the TV and PC.

Thanks to the 770's massive 4.13" diagonal, 800x480 pixel display, browsing and email should be quite comfortable. In addition to the Opera web browser and the built-in email client, the initial release of the 770 will also ship with a RSS news reader, an Internet radio, various media players, a PDF viewer, and Flash v6 compatibility. There’s also a user installable software upgrade that will introduce Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Instant Messaging to the mix.

The little package does have some drawbacks. The biggest: no keyboard, not even a way to connect an outboard Bluetooth model. You’re stuck with a skinny stylus to tap on an on-screen keyboard.

However, if your phone doesn’t have a high speed connection with web browsing or a media player, the Nokia 770 can be your cool looking gateway to online info, photos, music and video.



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