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Secret Stealth 'Hooked on You'

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Secret Stealth has been creating some of the smoothest beats in the UK since the band formed in 2004. Their debut release 'Ssshhh!' was a multi-layered record laced with everything from instrumental hip-hop beats to warm acid house. The following year they followed it up with their second release ' Mince & Onions'. Both records were not released in the US, but now they've taken some of the best songs from both albums and put them on their US debut album 'Hooked on You'. With their latest release Secret Stealth are all over the place. From songs that sound like the Ohio Players to four on the floor dance numbers all the way to drum & bass. With this album you're going to get everything from house, to funk, to soul and beyond. Sounds like they're covering all their bases with something for everyone.


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