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DJ Sun 'Para EP'


Para EP is the continuation of an extraordinary journey with the prolific and award-winning artist, DJ SUN. Born in Rotterdam and raised in Suriname, our guide on this trip is taking us back to the roots of his bloodlines in South America and the revolutionary spirit of the self-liberated Maroons. Para EP evokes the deity of the Opete and the lush tropical shores of Suriname with a blend of intelligent and effortless grooves by DJ SUN.

Now living in Houston, a beloved DJ and radio show host since 1995 (Soular Grooves, KPFT 90.1), DJ SUN releases his second EP Para. With his first, Monday Drive, listeners quickly learned they could trust him to take them on an international and fantastical exploration of old-school soul, jazz, reggae and even disco. Now, consistent as a heartbeat and as warm as DJ SUN’s memories of home, Para EP propels listeners to go even further with him as he integrates the roots and traditions of his background with contemporary and at times futuristic methodology.

An all-star ensemble of trailblazing and inspirational collaborators help provide the diversity and intensity we have come to expect and love from DJ SUN as a producer. DJ Sabo (Sol Selectas) has gained international recognition with six EP releases; the New York veteran ‘with music in his blood’ lends his funky musical talents to creating a rhythmically pulsating remix of “Para” (DJ Sabo Remix). J Boogie (Om Records), San Francisco’s world-renowned DJ/Producer, also takes on “Para” (J Boogie Remix) delivering his own mix-up of culture, soul, and hypnotic beats. On “Dubai”, DJ SUN delivers the bass lines and warm lounge feel that keep heads bouncing. The Genre Jazz (Presto and Mhax Montes) remix of “Dubai” mellows out the sultry and intoxicating track. As veterans of downtempo and hip hop production, they incorporate heavy drum programs and bass lines with a contrast of obscure and melodic samples. On “Free,” DJ SUN, much like the Opete that inspires him, circles, hops and takes off on deceptive and surprising flights, harmoniously exploring both new and ancestral terrain.

DL: DJ Sun - Dubai


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