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Ursula 1000 'Mystics'


Ursula 1000 returns from journeys into outer space with an epic collection of psychedelic sonic sorcery in Mystics, his fourth studio album. Zig-Zagging further away from the cheeky vintage breakbeat-rhumba of previous albums, the Brooklyn beat-wizard ventures into tougher and more angular territory: beats banging harder and bass popping louder. Drawing from a variety of new influences and collaborations, Ursula 1000 delivers lethal doses of dirty booty-breaks with tracks like “Rump” featuring MC Tee Double, gothic sexcapades with “I.C.O.M.E.” featuring sex-kitten vocalist Rochelle Vincente Von K, electro-dancehall with “Step Back” featuring Jamaican toaster Sista Widey, and disco-funk filth with “Star Machine” featuring jazz-breaks producer Mocean Worker. At once playful and dangerous, Mystics is a cry to the stars!

The new album differs from the 50's and 60's retro leanings of Ursula 1000’s first two albums. With Here Comes Tomorrow, more elements of psychedelic and glam rock were creeping in alongside more electro and post punk influences. Mystics continues with that approach but with beats that are lot heavier, definitely influenced by electro house and baile funk/baltimore breaks/fidget house rhythms.

DL: Ursula 1000 - Samba 1000


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