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Bossa Automator

Check out the Bossa Automator at work.

I just set up a new schedule for a really cool gift store here in Hood River called Twiggs. They have about 3000 songs on their computer but they are all different genres and playing their music on random wasn't making for a great shopping experience since they never knew what to expect next.

So this is where the Bossa Automator comes in. We set up a schedule of mellow down-tempo, jazz and easy listening in the morning and then picked up the pace as the day went along. As you can see from the Automator schedule pictured here, the Mid Day Mix from 2 to 5 pm features Dance, World, Downbeat and Latin music. Then at 5 pm it automatically changes to the Late Mix which includes Electronica/Dance, House, Breakbeat, Trance, Electro Disco and Breaks. Once the schedule is made and the Automator is running you don't have to do a thing. Bossa just pulls the music from your computer according to your schedule. For Twiggs, the schedule is set for every day they are open. Different opening or closing times are all set in the daily schedule. The music is on before anyone even comes to work and turns off automatically when they go home at the end of the day.

The Bossa Automator allows you to be in full control of your music. Check out the full scoop on the Automator at www.mybossa.com



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