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Bossa - Lab - Selectors

One of the coolest features of the Bossa Lab is the ability to find Selectors for your songs online. Besides the ID3 tags that you already have for your songs, the Bossa Lab finds tags, or Selectors as we call them, that other people use for their songs. Check out the following image of the Lab that shows the Bossa Selectors of the Royksopp song that's currently playing in Bossa.


You can see the existing Selectors at the top. The song is by Royksopp. The album is Melody AM and the genre is Downbeat. Underneath you can see all the popular Selectors that the Bossa Lab found online. By clicking on an additional Selector you can add them to Bossa. As you can see in the next image, I added Lounge, Ambient and Norwegian. Now when I make a mix or a playlist, I have multiple Selectors for this Royksopp song. So if I make a Mix with just Norwegian music, I can select "Norwegian" and this song will play in that mix. Additional Selectors allow you to define and narrow your mixes and playlists much more precisely.



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