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Bossa "Generator"

Here's another sneak preview of one of Bossa's features:


Easily create playlists to download to your iPod

Generate a timed playlist by specifying what you want to hear and for how long.
Bossa can create a playlist for you anywhere from 15 minutes in length to 24 hours! Click and drag the slider to set the length of the playlist you want. Then click inside the Generator to set specific timed events for your playlist.

Here you can see that the first hour “Dance” is selected. Then 1 ½ hours of the “Killer Mix” which includes the genres; Alternative, World, Reggae, Downbeat and Electronic. The last 1 ½ hours it’s music from the unnamed mix consisting of other genres.

When you’re done selecting the music you want in your mix, click “Generate” and your playlist will be generated in iTunes. From there you can easily load it onto your iPod or play it in iTunes.

We'll be releasing a beta version very soon. Sign up to get the latest information www.mybossa.com


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