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Bossa is now available

We've been working hard on Bossa for over a year now and we're excited to launch the first trial version.

The Bossa player is unlike anything you've experienced on your computer before musically. Bossa works with iTunes to give you new ways of viewing your music and selecting what you want to hear. Besides playing your music, Bossa will Generate playlists for you that you can download to your iPod. Bossa can also Automate your music for you, so what you want to hear comes on when you want to hear it. The Bossa Lab allows you to download Tags and Selectors for your music, check artist pictures of the music you're playing as well as information about the artists through Wikipedia.

This is our first trial version and we would love to have you try it and give us any feedback.

To download or read more info on Bossa go to: www.mybossa.com


Barry and Mike



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